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Asicstend to be more conventional within their approach, providing shoes with larger padding and help structures (especially in the present athletic shoes marketplace). Some Asics footwear derive from their Gel technology - actually placing gel in to the midsole. Asics major trainer design GT-1000 has not yet altered a lot over many years, getting an icon of a normal running footwear.

Asics racers are lightweight, flat, and simple, which will be precisely what many people are seeking in a racer. Their Hyperspeed racer is not very visually distinct from Asics trainers:

Nike, alternatively, is more experimental and even more driven by style. Just like its various other products, Nike shoes can sell a graphic, an athletic life style. In terms of technology goes, the major people are Air and Lunar - forms of foam (instead of gel in Asics) the midsole.

A significant Nike trainer, Pegasus, has existed for a long period. It really is known for its softness (which will be usually, however usually a good thing).

Nike's well-known racing shoe - Lunar Racer - makes use of the Lunar foam, which will be a denser version of their Air foam. Notice the Flywire cables privately laces privately; Nike promises that they develop fit, but I don't think a scientific research would confirm this. But the aesthetic effect occurs:

In summary, Asics appear much more structured and rigid, while Nike are far more diverse, soft, and stylish. Both companies, definitely, have many different shoes from optimum assistance to short-distance race. So far as training footwear go, personally you will need to alternate companies in order to prevent lasting drawbacks of hefty Asics and volatile Nikes.

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