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In regards to the path

The Peacock Flats location is made of a mix of XC, was and DH tracks. Many folks ride it as either a 14 mile or 21 mile loop. This trail just isn't for faint of heart. The climbs are steep therefore the descents are fast and technical. 1st 3.5 kilometers of climbing is in the sunlight on 11per cent class roadway. The past 1.5 miles may be the gnarliest downhill on the area. Of course all this together makes the cycle among my preferences.

Driving the cycle

The cycle starts during the Dillingham Airfield Control Tower. That is additionally a good option to park. From there you are going to head back down a road that parallels the runway. Is in reality quite cool to watch the airplanes lose and land while riding along. You'll also see individuals falling out of the sky while they land at the Sky Diving class in the airfield. When straight back on the main road abide by it along for 2 miles until such time you achieve the beds base associated with the Mokuleia Access Road rise.

Mokuleia Access path is a 3.5 mile paved climb. Generally I would hate a climb similar to this (paved, 11per cent class, subjected to the sun's rays) nevertheless when used with the whole cycle, it generates for an excellent ride. The street switchbacks up the mountains while offering some amazing views of Oahu's North Shore. If you should be a climber, prepare become excited... At the top of the rise might come across a closed gate. There is certainly a way until the right. Go through and simply take a breather. Continuing on the highway for the next 1/4 mile will encourage you with an instant enjoyable descent followed closely by another punch within the face climb additionally the turn off to Mokuleia Firebreak path regarding the right hand part.

Mokuleia Firebreak path is 4 kilometers of moving fireroad. It really is quite stunning with great views and will consistently offer many brief descents followed and fast high climbs. The street is within very good problem not sufficient to really make it dull. After Mokuleia Firebreak Road you have got a choice which will make. You may often turn remaining and head around Kuaokala Ridge Trail, or turn right and head down Kealia Trail (this heads back into your vehicle at Dillingham Airfield). Kept adds another 7 kilometers on ride many of the most extremely amazing singletrack Oahu provides. Additionally adds another 1300 base climb spread-out over 4 kilometers.

The complete cycle is loaded full of gorgeous views.

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