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Hurdle shockers, men’s 1500m method, Grunewald’s surges and Jager’s tigerThe hardest staff in order to make has now been reclassified as an impossible team to produce — about the world’s leading women’s 100m hurdler. Us record-holder Keni Harrison won’t represent america in Rio after she finished sixth when you look at the last Friday.

She was undefeated in 2010, owned the utmost effective four marks on the planet and was considered a very safe bet in order to complete in the top three despite the unpredictability of the women’s high hurdles. Thursday, in the 1st round, she ran a silky 12.57 and nothing seemed amiss. Friday, she couldn’t match that mark and seemed mortal into the semifinal when she finished behind Queen Harrison. In final, she performedn’t look such a thing such as the runner we’ve seen all-year. She had the slowest reaction time in the field and was never into the battle. Brianna Rollins, Kristi Castlin and Nia Ali took the top three places.

Harrison wasn’t really the only favorite left-off the group Friday night. 2015 World Championships silver medalist Shamier Little was eradicated inside semifinals regarding the women’s 400m hurdles. Little had been not even close to her best, but she also had the bad luck to be in a much faster heat. The very best four ladies from each temperature advanced to the final regardless of time. Minimal finished fifth inside 2nd temperature in a period that could have placed second in the 1st temperature.

All Of Those Other shows from the seventh day of competitors in Eugene…


Brianna Rollins
While Keni Harrison had been reeling down 12.2s and 12.3s earlier in period, Rollins topped aside at 12.5. The gap felt too-large to connection and, to be fair, Friday’s result had just as much to do with Harrison working far off her best, but Rollins ran her most useful race of the year at the exact correct moment. The woman 12.34 on Friday ended up being the woman fastest time since 2013 and well in front of Kristi Castlin’s 12.50 in 2nd place.

Gabriele Grunewald
Grunewald went three races totaling 8000m meters when you look at the course of a day — rather than by choice. Entering the meet, Grunewald was registered in both the 5000m and 1500m with intends to scrape the 1500m after advancing from the very first round of the 5000m. Nevertheless when she didn't qualify for the 5000m last Thursday mid-day, that program needed to be scrapped. Grunewald nevertheless considered scratching from 1500m and ending the woman Olympic studies but instead chose to register when it comes to 1500m, which took place the exact same mid-day.

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