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25. Working The United States (2010)

An exact title for a crazy task, this documentary uses ultrarunning veterans Marshall Ulrich and Charlie Engle while they try to set a new rate record for crossing the country by walking in 2008. Full of good and the bad, plus unanticipated governmental and patriotic fervor amid the 2008 election period, Ulrich, then 57, finished up completing the 3, 063-mile journey from San Francisco to new york in 52.5 days, the third-fastest time previously and the fastest previously by a masters runner. Although inspiring (and perhaps somewhat reckless at times), the natural scenes capture more of the journey’s lows than highs and accurately illustrates the human being nature that perseveres even if your body has given up.

24. Operating on the sunlight (2000)

The Badwater Ultramarathon through Death Valley nationwide Park as well as the severe desert terrain that surrounds it really is unlike any competition on earth. The competition extends 135 kilometers from Badwater Basin at 282 foot below sea-level to Whitney Portal, 8, 360 feet high. Every July a couple of hearty souls challenge on their own through punishing temperature and seemingly masochistic conditions while attempting to attain the conclusion line (then, for some, the top Mount Whitney at 14, 505 legs above sea-level). Some endure the process and attain their destiny, while some fail only to return again and again. Just what Mel Stuart’s documentary precisely portrays is the fact that race—and ultrarunning—is a celebration associated with everlasting tenacity of individual will throughout the temporary pains and aches for the human body.

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