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Midwest Rake Polypropylene Spiked Shoes - 3/4 inch surges (Pair)

Black Spike Shoes Our preferred standard "black" shoes tend to be made out of durable polypropylene and therefore are available with 3/4" spikes. The 13 surges are configured inside footbed to produce maximum balance and avoid toe-tipping. One size suits all. This permits the applicator to walk on the damp epoxy to realize a uniform coverage of chips.


Midwest Rake Flexable Steel Bed Spiked Shoes - 1 inches Spikes (set)

• 1" (25.40 MM) Replaceable Surges
• Metal Constructed
• Quick-release snap-buckle band system

• 3rd band guarantees a non-slip fit


Midwest Rake - 3/4 inches substitution metal surges (collection of 26)

• 3/4" (20MM) Spikes
• number of 26
• These surges are compatible with spiked shoe soles except the flexible sleep footwear


Midwest Rake - 1 inch Replacement Steel Spikes (set of 26)

• 1" (25 MM) Replacement Surges
• Quantity of 26
• These spikes are interchangeable along with spiked shoe bottoms except the flexible sleep shoe


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Question about track spikes and cross country spikes? | Yahoo Answers

I'm a runner (cross-country and track...), but this is my first season. I had a lot of fun during cross-country and am totally looking forward to track. My question is, what is the difference between cross-country spikes and track spikes? Like, the actual shoe part. My dad doesn't have a job and my mom is the only one that works in my family so we doesn't have a lot of extra cash, so we can't buy more than one pair. Can I use my track spikes I get this season for cross-country next season if I change the spikes? Thanks guys! Oh and, what type of spike is best for the mile, relay and 100…

I need to get spikes for sprinting in track. But I also do cross country running in the fall. Are XC and Track spikes completely different?
Just wondering if I will be able to use them for both sports or if I can't use them for both..
Thanks for any info/help!

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