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Onitsuka Tiger logoWe haven’t done a “Stuff I Love” upload in a bit, that will be ridiculous since I have love plenty things. These days I want to suggest my latest find: vegan-friendly sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger.

I have large standards in terms of footwear, partly from having a bad back and partially considering my goal to “buy less things, get higher quality (whenever possible).” Finding top-quality footwear without any leather-based or animal glues has been hard. A few of the very popular companies, like Jambu, don’t fit my foot after all. Others, like some Merrell designs, fit good but don’t do it for me style-wise.

It’s a more minimal sneaker than I’m regularly, and so I didn’t believe I’d think it is comfortable. We can’t wear Converse whatsoever, as an example. But I Happened To Be incorrect. After 1 day of breaking-in, these are becoming my beloved pair of sneakers ever. (Note: I have extremely narrow legs with high arches, so that your mileage may vary.) Here are the pluses of these footwear:

  • Vegan-friendly, huzzah!
  • Comfortable
  • Minimal
  • Light-weight, simple to shove in even a small carryon case
  • Are available in a lot of colors for both men and women
  • You will find good product sales online

Stuff I adore: Vegan Onitsuka Tiger SneakersOn the disadvantage, Onitsuka Tiger (begun in 1949 plus one associated with oldest footwear lines in Japan, re-introduced in 2001 by Asics) is not great about informing individuals which of the sneakers tend to be vegan-friendly. There are lots of shoes various other outlines which can be vegan-friendly, but only in a few shade combinations. The Ultimate-81s haven’t for ages been vegan-friendly in previous years, either, and it’s hard to tell sometimes if shoe just lacks leather, or if perhaps all parts of the production process are vegan-friendly.

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