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Onitsuka Tiger Shoes Review

AsicsOnitsukaTigerUltimate81If you might be always well-padded jogging shoes, the lack of padding in Tigers may be remarkable. The cushioning is not great which must be relatively obvious from simply considering them. While this is actually a selling point for all experienced traceurs, if you're wanting plenty of security and impact moderation, than they are not the shoes for your needs. The fairly minimal cushioning means they are an excellent option if you wish to decide to try an even more minimalist footwear, but they are not willing to try something such as Feyiues.

Note: The insoles are glued in to the shoe.


For a men’s size 9(US), the Tigers may be found in at 11 ounces. Individually, they feel a whole lot lighter than this whenever wearing all of them though. I believe this could need to do using their snug fit. In comparison to every thing but lightweight athletic shoes, they may be able barely be considered hefty. It is easy to forget that you're also putting on all of them.


As if you wish with a good parkour shoe, the only of this Tiger is completely level and another continuous piece. There are no synthetic pieces that cause you to fall or specific segments which will rip off. The hold is not sufficient that it'll markedly improve performance, however it is solid. And grip is great across a wide variety of areas. The design which you see above can wear out a lot, nevertheless the hold performance remains great whilst it does.


The greatest 81’s are certainly well-crafted. In fact, they're deceptively durable. I didn't expect them to last very long whatsoever and possess been pleasantly surprised. We have had a few sets today both for parkour and informal usage and I can’t actually indicate any certain flaw. But some have reported that the mesh toe area could form rips.


If you're looking an incredibly well-balanced, affordable, parkour shoe leaning towards a far more minimalist style, Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81s are a fantastic choice. Their low price versus higher end jogging shoes and exceptional toughness means they are great value your money can buy.

Myself, I am an admirer of aesthetics as well, which will be an excellent bonus in comparison to other parkour shoes. They show up in a ton of different colors as they are anything you'll use when you’re maybe not performing parkour.

I have tried to be impartial and consider different education designs within review, but in general, the greatest 81s tend to be the best parkour shoes that We have previously tested. Let them have an attempt, you almost certainly won’t be disappointed.

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