Shoes like onitsuka tiger

Shoes like Onitsuka Tiger

Putting all of them on

The first thing you find when you handle the Feiyues is how floppy they're. They can be curved by simply waving all of them forward and backward. They’re very, really flexible.

After you play with all of them for a few minutes, contorting all of them into forms that only this Chinese gymnast of a shoe can do without harm, it’s time for you to hook them up to. The insoles isn’t slippery whatsoever; as a matter of fact, they’re very nearly gluey. However, it’s easy adequate to pull the tongue all the way forward to get your foot situated, and this is not a bad thing. Once you slide your base in and commence to shrink, another feature of Feiyues is necessary: excellent laces. They’re not very long, unlike many other shoes. Nor are they rounded. They’re just quick level black laces. They stay tied up as long as you may need them to keep together. No two fold knots needed. The laces do tend to get only a little tangled, nevertheless knots which could form won’t prevent you from having your base aside in regards time for you make the Feiyues off.

I do believe these little tabs which can be under the laces tend to be one of the neatest functions.

This a rather thoughtful addition, as the material gussets would usually reduce to your feet. Very actually, i mightn’t have expected this degree of detail in a $20 shoe.

Wearing them

When they’re used the very first time, the most straight away apparent thing may be the somewhat curved padding in the exact middle of the only real. That sensation only can last for a couple of minutes the first time you wear them; after several hours, they feel level. We don’t determine if that is just because your own feet adjust to all of them or if the bottoms flatten away. I think the soles flatten, due to the fact rounded sensation just lasts the first few days of use. From then on, they simply feel level.


  • Great on lumber.
  • Great on concrete and asphalt.
  • Great on stone.
  • Good on painted surfaces.
  • Maybe not great on horizontal wallruns, since the treads are placed so they don’t get on any such thing sliding across them. Down yes, across no.

Regrettably, the hold frankly sucks on damp surfaces, particularly timber. Damp timber may be the bane associated with Feiyue-wearing traceur. Don’t even think about wanting to train in a forest after a rain. You are going to fall continuously and painfully. Im talking from experience. Really, don’t take action.


This is exactly what they appear like after monthly of instruction, 70percent that had been on timber and grass. The others had been mainly precisions and deceiving on asphalt. You can view that they’ve been worn-down a respectable amount.

Then this is exactly what they look like after 15–20 heavy scuffs against a solid brick wall.

As you are able to clearly inform, the grips aren’t also durable. If they’re used plenty on rough areas, the grip will probably only final 30 days, two if you’re lucky. However, they’re $20. You can aquire 2 sets for the cost of one pair of KOs, or 3 when it comes to price of one of their main rivals, the Onitsuka Tigers. If you believe that a greater high quality footwear just like the Tigers can last 3–4 months of hefty use, the Feiyues tend to be an equivalent worth, durability-wise. The KOs aren’t actually competing because of the Feiyues, when I will show you fleetingly.

Everything else appears to be well put-together. They were run-through a cycle within the washer without the ill effects, therefore the glue is ok.


They’re extremely light. Maybe they’re a bit more substantial as compared to KOs, but you actually can’t feel them whatsoever. The extra weight is perhaps all in sole – every little thing above is merely canvas and laces. Your own feet feel freer and less limited than in running shoes while there is no cushioning or padding over the sole.


The flexibility is extraordinary. I have never ever seen a footwear this versatile before; not flip-flops come close.


They feel just like really softly cushioned slippers. Walking included seems great, like you’re maybe not putting on some thing. Operating and leaping… That’s around exactly how powerful the feet are. If they’re well-conditioned, you’ll love all of them. If not, your feet will hate you passionately.

The remaining shoe frequently starts to pinch my small toe after a lengthy session of instruction. The KOs do this and, so I believe it is more the fault of my feet than my footwear. Perhaps it is how we roll. (Pun accidental.)

Specific strategies:

Since I’m reviewing these from standpoint of a traceur/freerunner, and therefore’s likely the point of view where you may be reading, it’ll be beneficial to discuss the way the Feiyues perform in a few typical parkour situations.


That is where the Feiyues truly shine. We have never used a shoe much better for training precisions as compared to Feiyues. it is almost like these people were created for landing – and sticking – on little surfaces. The gluey insoles I mentioned before help in keeping your base solid and seated inside shoe. The grip is just about ideal for lumber and concrete; you won’t slip ahead after all. The flexibleness makes certain you land in which in your foot you want to land.

Precisions are fun in these footwear. You positively need great strategy. Good method feels great. Bad method hurts.


Absolutely wonderful. The flexibleness and thinness of this sole make sure they are ideal for rails, QMs, etc. I haven’t had the chance to decide to try all of them on a slackline yet, but i do believe they’ll perform perfectly.


Pretty grippy. I mightn’t call them exactly “claw-like” – they’re instead of the level of the KOs or the K-Swiss Ariakes, but they’re far better than your typical Reebok. Regrettably, they don’t final lengthy; 1 or 2 rough sessions will put on the grips right down to absolutely nothing.


There’s almost zero padding. it is practically the same as landing barefoot. Don’t take any big leaps within these unless you are very confident in your foot and ankles. Also after that, be cautious.

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