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South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius only ran inside Olympics. Unlike his rivals he did it as a below-the-knee amputee, making use of Ossür's Flex-Foot Cheetah feet. But he additionally encountered a unique challenge that his rivals did not need to consider—how do you realy get track surges on your prosthetics?

The brief response is they should be fitted manually. That is a procedure that normally occupies to two hours. Surges fall-off, because unlike a foot, which bends and curves, carbon blades are less mobile. The good news is Oscar is sponsored by Nike, so excellent technology was at their disposal. Not that it made the style procedure very simple.

Oscar traveled to Ossür's laboratory in Iceland along with Nike fashion designer Tobie Hatfield to create an increase which was perfectly for their unique situation. Obviously, Oscar can't feel their legs to share with you how some thing fits, so the procedure was unique. Tobie filmed Oscar sprinting on a pressure-sensitive treadmill at 500fps, to ensure he saw every movement and learned Oscar's type just right. Tobie's solution ended up being some thing called a Spike Pad. FastCo explains:

Hatfield wished many cushioning feasible, but did not desire Pistorius to get rid of launch power to a spongy stack of foam. So the resulting Spike Pad it self was fully understood after that. It is formed of a midsole—two machine-molded items of foam with two various densities (gentler is within the straight back where the Pistorius places during his stride and more difficult thickness is within the front in which Pistorius starts their stride)—along with a carbon fiber Spike Plate that attaches into the bottom.

And what about the complete two-hour installation? Tobie slashed the period down to only 15 minutes, affixing the surges with contact concrete, and the removal of these with a blowdryer. Amazingly, the Spike Pad assisted Oscar allow it to be toward semi-finals the 400m in London. [FastCo]

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