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Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing process

Sandvik RotocureSandvik solid metallic devices are a vital component in vulcanizing/curing of rubberized sheet, conveyor devices, flooring panels, printing panels, boat product also rubberized products. They are utilized in Rotocure presses for laminating slim particle panels with attractive movie, and for other board applications.

  • Constant vulcanising of plastic sheets and conveyor belts
  • Continuous welding of synthetic movies for wall surface or floor treatments
  • Laminating of slim particle boards with attractive movies
  • Creation of PVC conveyor belts

Large efficiency, high quality

The S-shaped road and large temperatures/pressures of a vulcanizing hit locations high stresses on belt.Sandvik Rotoform Rubber Vulcanizing We are able to provide metal devices using the power, stability, thermal performance and tiredness opposition to produce a long working life and hold downtime costs to the minimum.

While rubber-covered cable mesh belts are employed for certain programs (e.g. ultra-thin items), solid metal belts provide a variety of advantages for products with a thickness ≥2 mm and on methods where heat is delivered from both sides, in other words. a heated drum in conjunction with radiated temperature delivered because of the steel belt.

  • Outstanding evenness of surface/thickness
  • Exemplary thermal performance
  • Unparalleled toughness
  • Tall dependability for low downtime
  • To 2x rate of mesh buckle presses
  • Large efficiency for attractive ROI

As the top-notch the belt is shown, rather virtually, when you look at the quality of end item, area finish is important and now we can provide to any requirements, down to 0.1 μm.

Open or endless devices to your specification

Our experience in providing original and replacement metallic belts for continuous rotating vulcanizing presses means we have the know-how and technology to make devices to just about any requirements, and may supply all of them either 'open', coiled for on-site welding, or perhaps in pre-welded and ground 'endless' type.

Belt grade Sandvik 1650SM large energy stainless
Thickness 0.8 – 2.0 mm
Length unlimited 6.9 – 30 m
available unlimited in practical terms
Width to 3200 mm
up to 4600 mm surface / 8600 mm un-ground

Applications throughout the plastic business

The smooth hard surface, unrivaled toughness and excellent thermal properties of Sandvik metal belts cause them to essentially suited to applications across the plastic manufacturing and handling industries.

  • Rotocure vulcanizing presses
  • Laminating/bonding operations
  • Single/double gear cooling, e.g. rubberized sheet
  • Rotoform® pastillation, e.g. stabilisers and plastic additives
  • Supercooling process

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