Electric Vulcanizer Machine

Electric Vulcanizer

Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a factory engaged in production of electric belt vulcanizer and repairer. It primarily creates six number of items: electric gear vulcanizer, repairer, mining flameproof vulcanizer, cable vulcanizer, cable joint and buckle stripper with over 40 requirements. They are widely used in industries such as for example coal mine, metallurgy, mine, power plant, and substance business, building products, port and dock all over the country.

Constantly adhering to the principle of “quality and people first”, the business strictly executes the enterprise standard and constructs in accordance with the drawings during manufacturing. Made of quality recycleables, these products enjoys a great rate of 99% and an ex factory pass price of 100per cent. It was very praised by Shendong mine area, Fenxi Mining Bureau, Pingshuo Anjiakuang strip my own, Huating Coal business Group, Zhangjiakou power-plant, Liugang Group and Taigang Iron and Steel Company.

The organization has constantly attached great significance to stability and reputation. Its agreement execution rate is as high as 100per cent, and it had been chosen honest Enterprises by Xishan Administrative Bureau for business and Commerce of Wuxi. Belt joint immediately and technical training are provided to people free-of-charge after product sales. All users would enjoy one year of guarantee serviceability and no-cost elements lifelong.

The DRLQ sets electric vulcanizer, created by the people, is enhanced centered on domestic and worldwide advanced technology and knowledge, in accordance with individual needs. It's three-phase power, the average temperature, smooth vulcanizing joint and simple operation. The LBD series electric anti-explosion vulcanizer overcomes shortcomings associated with vapor anti-explosion vulcanizer in past times like heavy-weight (about 4 tons) and multipoint inflating. The vulcanizer is divided in to a few parts and thus is convenient for transportation. It just weighs 1 great deal and receives general compliment from users after being promoted.

Furthermore, DDQ and DZQ buckle repair vulcanizer regarding the company can fix the devices quickly and effortlessly, and is warmly welcomed because of the users. With cooperation with over 10 R&D products and belt industrial facilities of Asia, the organization has constantly improved the merchandise to appeal to marketplace needs. At the same time, it endeavors to develop vulcanizers of high-strength (pressure: 2.8Mpa) huge belt (B2200mm), to supply unit and technical data for joint of high-strength large buckle.

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