Vulcanizing equipment set

Vulcanizing Equipment

WSF manufactures Vulcanizers, also known as heating units, autoclaves, kettles or reactors, for healing of rubber and synthetic services and products and composites. They may be utilized for procedure simulation or full scale production equipment.

WSF Vulcanizers can be found in an array of sizes and design pressures in vertical or horizontal designs. The method medium can be steam, a combination of vapor and environment or inert gasoline, "dry-heat" produced by electrical heating units, steam or hot oil autoclave jackets, or circulating hot fumes.

Design features readily available include the quick-access RAPIDOOR ® and additional RAPIDLOADER™ moving home with essential product cart.

Our special control methods allow accurate replication of process cycles making use of multiple but separate application of environment (or inert gasoline) and/or vapor.

Vertical Slide Style RAPIDOOR®

(mouse over above for demo)

Vertical Slide Design RAPIDOOR ®

Special models consist of:

  • RAPIDLOADER ™ Integral cart allows comfortable access to product for running and unloading
  • RAPIDCAPPER ™ Air-plus-steam Vulcanizers for curing repaired or rebuilt off-the-road tires
  • RAPIDCURE ™ Continuous Vulcanizer for line, cable and hose pipe
  • "dry-heat" Autoclaves Curing rubber, plastic materials, and composites for adhesive bonding.

WSF RAPIDOOR ® closures are easily adaptable to existing load/unload, and product handling systems. WSF engineering staff additionally custom styles product maneuvering gear to meet up your manufacturing needs.

Our equipment can be completely incorporated with any of our quick-access home designs offering single-source responsibility when it comes to complete system.

Control Techniques Alternatives

WSF custom-designed Vulcanizing systems can provide the degree of elegance that your application calls for. Our complete bundles are priced between PLC influenced methods to simple microprocessor based time-controlled methods.

PLC managed methods offer extended features including: variable temperatures, pressures, pattern times, cycle and system alarms, several period recipe storage space and selection.

Operator Interface / HMI terminals provide an operator friendly interface with touch screens, for pattern parameter entry, cycle/system/alarm status tracking, running and diagnostic communications.

Documentation options consist of: Paperless tracking with quickly individualized displays, user communications, pattern replay and zoom features, locally kept data may be exported to detachable media, remote information acquisition/storage ability. Circular or Strip-Chart Recorders are also available.

Total Packaged Vulcanizing Systems

WSF Vulcanizing Autoclaves can certainly be skid-mounted (when dimensions allows) with process valves, steam-generating gear, liquid therapy and blow-down methods providing an entire packed system, prepared connect with your power and process products.

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