White converse leather

Trainers White

Photographed: Oliver Sweeney white trainers (£279); Jigsaw white shirt (£69); Marks & Spencers navy blazer (£119); Whistles grey wool trousers (£95)

Outfit: White trainers, top and formal pants.

Why it really works: “This outfit is much more comfortable and relaxed than a shirt and blazer, but still provides right signs which you’ve made an attempt. The texture in trousers means they are feel less office-y and somewhat much more casual—a good match the trainers—and the untucked shirt gives the same smart-but-relaxed vibe."

Photographed: Oliver Sweeney white trainers (£279); Jigsaw white shirt (£69); Whistles grey wool pants (£95)

Outfit: White trainers, white t-shirt, grey sweatshirt and black jeans

the reason why it really works: “Simple white trainers will be the ideal casual Friday footwear: regarding smarter part, but comfortable and not too eye-catching. Plus black jeans look only a little sharper than blue, therefore the black colored clothes keep it clean and minimal. You can stick a white shirt in jumper—and/or switch the jeans for chinos—to within the smartness."

Photographed: Oliver Sweeney white trainers (£279); Whistles black colored jeans (£80); Gant grey sweatshirt (£125)

Outfit: White trainers, white t-shirt, navy bomber coat and dark-blue jeans.

Why it works: “The streamlined trainers and well fitted bomber jacket make this outfit look sharp enough for a night out … but it’s additionally informal and comfortable for a morning of errands. Also, choosing two colours and different the hue is a safe and winning combination. Loads must be said in regards to the freshness of blue and white."

Photographed: Oliver Sweeney white trainers (£279); analysis Garments white t-shirt (£15); Selected indigo jeans (£65); Folk bomber coat (£270)

Ensemble: White trainers, grey t-shirt, khaki energy jacket, black jeans

The reason why it works: “On one-hand, this ensemble requires chucking on a t-shirt, jeans, trainers and a jacket—probably what you currently put on on Sundays. On the other, it appears to be more thoughtful than that because green and grey go well together (we stylists call these ‘earthy neutrals’), and because each piece is neat and quick, including the trainers.”

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