Cross Country Running Gear

Cross Country running gear

Recently, I’ve been plagued with a personal injury while preparing to race the Ironman World Championship of triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. The injury is known as “IT Band Friction Syndrome” and requires low-impact or non-weight bearing workout to keep up physical fitness before knee is painless (alternative, very non-attractive choice is to perform through the pain and destroy your leg permanently).

We’re referring to creating, non-traditional solutions to keep peak cardiovascular physical fitness without producing problems for a personal injury. Studies have shown that non-impact water exercise offers this advantage, and this task is employed by a number of pro triathletes and marathoners. Consequently, within my triathlon instruction and racing web log, I have many work out entries that include the term “Aqua Jogging”. So what precisely is aqua jogging (AKA water operating) and how would you do so?

There are 2 different sorts of aqua running: 1) operating in a-deep liquid in which you cannot touch bottom of share; 2) running in shallow water with legs touching base of share.

1st method of aqua jogging could be the “non-impact” version that I strongly recommend and that i shall present on this page. The 2nd version is relatively low-impact when comparing to working, but could nevertheless distress into the knees through the initial stages of something like an IT musical organization injury.

Non-impact aqua jogging requires several different devices:

1) Aquatic Footwear. We put on the (pictured remaining). With strategically placed vents and fins, these shoes enable you to attain 2-3x the aerobic power in comparison to simply operating in your bare feet. Trust me, I also tried wearing an old couple of jogging shoes in addition they had been soggy, heavy, and extremely non-fluid. They actually hurt the knee. These shoes succeed very easy to really get heartrate up-and ensure that is stays there, which in my situation ended up being one of the most irritating aspects of water running before we began putting on them. In bare legs, you have to pump…and pump…and pump the feet at a really large return to reach virtually any training result heartbeat. The footwear fix this, and offering resistance, flow impedance, and enhanced muscular recruitment.

2) Flotation Belt. Some pools actually have these offered, usually somewhere towards the pull buoys and kickboards. I personally use the (pictured below), which is comfortable and doesn’t keep the tiny scrubbing marks and blisters back at my stomach like a number of the belts at the share. A belt is essential, since you need to ensure that a part of your body is over the water or you will invest too-much energy wanting to stay afloat.

3. Tunes. In my opinion, audio is crucial, since there’s little to consider while aqua jogging (although I have been lured to deliver all my aqua running equipment to a nearby lake on a sunny day…). This is what i really do:

-take a small sandwich ziplock bag

-drop a mp3 player inside the bag

-thread the headsets out of the the top of case

-seal the case

-then affix the bag to the side of my head with my goggles band

This home made answer works pretty much. An alternative choice is a real underwater ipod. The modern one in the marketplace, the is quite cool because you may also use it while freestyle swimming, and it also doesn’t really mess with the audio high quality like a number of the various other brands.

I would personally start thinking about Nu tech the cadillac of underwater mp3 players.

okay, now you’ve got all your equipment and you’re willing to aqua jog! Let’s ensure your kind is sound – the very last thing you want to do is reveal to friends and family that you pulled a muscle working when you look at the water! The include a DVD that teaches appropriate form for regular deep water running, deep water cross-country skiing, and shallow-water plyometrics/running drills.

Here’s the fundamentals of correct deep-water working type:

-Lean forward.

-Bring the knees up to the chest and relax through complete range of motion, just as you'll whenever working, but a little even more exaggerated. Imagine you’re operating up a steep mountain.

-Pump the hands vigorously, but keep the fists sealed.

-Avoid a straight up-and-down pose with a piston like up-and-down action regarding the legs. This is a lot more like bicycling, and won’t stimulate the working muscle tissue up to leaning forward and throwing through the range of motion.

-And yes, for anyone wondering, it is possible to run in a fixed room, but it is more intriguing and good for actually move ahead, such down and in a lap lane.


Eventually, let’s examine a sample exercise for aqua running. This exercise provides multiple benefits – it really works on operating type, power, and muscular strength:

5 min warm-up (i.e. 3 laps operating)

1 TOUGH exaggerated working energy at maximum convenience of 1 length of the share, after that effortless jog straight back

1 INTENSE “heel-to-butt” kick work for 1 duration of the share, then effortless run straight back

1 HARD “high-knees-running” work (legs come entirely up to chest), then jog right back

1 TOUGH “cross-country ski” effort (straight feet, straight hands), after that jog straight back

Perform these TOUGH attempts as a circuit, going 2, 3, or 4 times through. Workout time will range from 15-30 moments, based on exactly how many circuits you perform. Cool-down run for five minutes.

Hence’s it. The beauty of aqua running is that it could be intense, but really forgiving in the human body considering it’s non-impact nature. In the event your form is great, it is possible to do difficult aqua running exercises on successive days and keep maintaining fitness, VO2 maximum, and lactate limit without chance of overtraining or injury.

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