Walking Shoes vs Running Shoes

Tennis shoes VS running shoes

Screen chance 2015-09-14 at 4.41.31 areYou think the running footwear debate is finished? That minimalist and barefoot running had its legs broken by “fee-fi-fo-fum” footwear leaders? Just wait, as well as the pendulum will some time swing back once again to less footwear. The length of time the delay? Five, 10 years? Which will ben’t that long considering that the modern athletic shoes is a half-century old. (What amount of readers continue to have their old Onitsuka Tigers buried within their closets, relics of high-school or college cross-country?)

One optimistic method not to cede anymore surface into “more footwear is better” majority is to talk about a tremendously apt and appropriate comparison. Check those two shoes from Asia activities footwear giant Li Ning. The most truly effective photo could be the Marin Cilic athletic shoes; the bottom photo could be the Marin Cilic Tennis Shoe. For many who don’t know whom Cilic is, he’s a 28-year-old professional tennis celebrity from Croatia, ranked eighth in the world in 2014, and achieved the semi-finals during the 2015 U.S. Open.

Screen chance 2015-09-14 at 4.40.03 AMWhy is the tennis footwear zero drop? And just why does the running shoe feature a built-up heel, thicker sole, even more padding, and pronounced rigidity? A tennis player runs on average three kilometers per five-set match, while the mileage can boost if both players maintain the basketball in play over-long rallies and extended tiebreakers. This flowing, often preventing and you start with jagged directional modifications, happens inside a court that is only 27 legs wide for singles.

should not the Cilic tennis shoe be created a lot more like its running footwear counterpart? In addition to this, why isn’t the Cilic running footwear created similar to its playing tennis shoe equivalent? It ought to be mentioned that nearly all playing tennis shoe brands tend to be zero drop, and never have an outsized heel.

In order to make feeling of this discrepancy (confusion?) the NRC sought the knowledge of athletic shoes expert Jim Hixson, a regular contributor for this web site and writer of the favorite three-part series, “the reason why Minimalism Flatted.” Jim has been doing the retail shoe business for over two decades. He was wearing (and advocating) minimalist footwear many years before Created to Run was posted.—Bill Katovsky


By Jim Hixson

it is not surprising that athletic shoes and all various other athletic shoes, apart from Olympic weightlifting shoes, tend to be zero drop (there is no extra rise amongst the heel and toebox). All professional athletes want to be in a stable place, both whenever standing and going, as well as wish to be in a position to change-speed and path quickly. An athletic footwear with a heel doesn’t enable these goals is satisfied.

If playing tennis players wore a set of old-fashioned jogging shoes, they would be pitched ahead and struggling to keep correct strategy and stability, not only when moving diagonally, laterally, and backwards, and forward. Even though operating right towards the net, a tennis player would feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and off-balance in a running shoe.

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